Monday, October 22, 2012

Giant Drawing Update - Belated Rewards Fulfillment

I wanted to share with all the final final process in the fulfillment of my Kickstarter rewards - the fulfillment of the giant postcard drawing!

As I had mentioned earlier, I have intended to send postcards to all the project friends in a certain donation category. I decided to create an original drawing, of a certain size and duration - then I would cut it up and mail each part to everyone involved.

Possibly the folks involved had forgotten all about this already and for that I owe to my tardiness. I sincerely apologize for this delay. One reason for it is a late start in the project itself - after finishing the project, I have dedicated most of my time to creating product for & attending various craft fairs and flea markets, or otherwise seeking income opportunities.

Another reason, however, is simply that I am having too much fun drawing, and am not ready to cut it up yet! I work on this every time I have a free moment, and ever since mid July or something. It's fun taking it to art fairs and noticing the curiosity regarding a large drawing that seems to change in many directions.

More regarding the imagery (based in part on a questionnaire I sent eons ago), as well as updated images will come up soon.

Also wanted to announce that I keep other blogs and things related to other things I do artistically - these are and As can be seen, these blogs have been very active.

Also wanted to take the time to announce my new online store!! It's at Zibbet and here is the link: