Tuesday, September 15, 2015

FInished, sent to the mail, etc!

Just a quick note to say that I very happily mailed off the lovely painting to where it will hopefully be received with joy and glee!

It went to the coast, so I imagine that it went to a place like this:
"Sunrise at Carolina Beach, North Carolina" by Bigroger27509 - Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons 

... or maybe not

In any event, I just wanted to post a few final pics of the thing, some close ups, that sort of thing

Last thing I will do is hopefully before the 25th a nice edited video showing how it all came to be. Nothing Oscar-winning, but something incorporating the footage I already have.

Not that I would turn down an Oscar, necessarily.

And so it ends, the project I will always fondly remember as the one I undertook with a broken leg!

 object size (coffee on hand)

light conditions were weird that day, all the clouds made the colour be crazy

detail of people

detail of right

detail of centre, boats, etc

detail of left end

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Finally videos of project!

I have finally uploaded the short videos I shot during the prepping and painting process of my most recent project! The piece itself is finished, and just awaiting drying time to arrive at its final destination. I was very sorry to see the project end! And only wish that more wood & Turner aficionados roamed the earth so that I could never stop having these paintings to work on.

At first I was using what I thought was a legit Blogger feature (uploading videos) but quickly folks informed me that no video showed up, but only a still. So I decided to just wait till I had a moment to upload stuff on YOuTube then put the links in that way.

But I ended up having bizarre trouble uploading the videos onto YouTube, for the simple reason that the last time I uploaded videos on YouTube was in the dinosaur days in which you had to upload the video onto some video editing software, then convert it with some 3rd party software (we used 5 square), then upload it on the site. The alternate has been to have a mobile device to shoot the video, then upload it that way, but it always made my device crash and take years.

Finally I decided to just Google if a way existed to upload videos from Google + to YOuTube - and it was the easiest bloody thing on earth! So I went, did that - it took all of 35 minutes, and now it's done.

First video is from 3 years ago, from when Jimbo worked on the piece of wood and explained his method, rationale, etc.

Second video is of a random painting process, once again from the last time I worked on this project in 2012:

This third video is the initial wood prep for this particular project, the fire of the house of commons:

This one was taken July 24th, 20 minutes before I broke my leg - an experience that tainted my summer as can well be imagined:

This other one is a video I shot after gessoing the wood and discussing materials:

This video goes into a colour choosing protocol I sometimes use when I paint (I was not in a great mood this time because my leg was giving me trouble):

This one is the one where I finally paint!

and last but not least, here is a completely gratuitous video of Jim's hair being blown about by a fan. His hair is sculpture in its own right