This is a list of all the wonderful people who helped contribute to making this project a resounding success. These are the same people that appear on a widget at right on the main page, but I wanted to expound further, adding a link to their endeavours (if they so chose it).

If you have contributed but would like additional information or a weblink added, or if you have contributed & I have neglected to add you, please let me know!

For all of you... thanks

Super Patrons ($100 or more)

Brown & Brown
Tilly Roberts
Stuart Thomson
Douglas Taylor
Monica Hayden
Lilian Bergsma 

Awesome Supporters ($50 or more)

Tatiana Dashevskiy
Josephine Kelly
Lee Mentzos
Tom Whitney
Radka Pulliam
Maria Graciela Wade
Rita K
Renee Hackett
Ken Thomas
Alvin Wu
Dr. Robert Wallace
Carolyne Ali Khan  

Loyal Contributors ($25 or more)

Laura Shay
Umber Qureshi
Elizabeth D. Bernstein
Lashae Dorsey
Irina Astrakhantseva
Rebecca Martz
Butler Raines
Rebecca Hartka
Carolina Zagal
Tatiana Starchevsky
Neeti Ray
Patrick Davis
Philip J. Koplow
Frieda van Dam
Victoria Gyori
Beki Graham
Susan Todd-Raque
The Bondzeit Fam

Supportive Friends ($10 or more)

Elana Gartner Golden
Caroline Pitts
Samra Hadden
Mel Wolff
Richard Marchessault
Marilyn Neuman
Allan Ray
Sachie Nishino
Jill Kettles
Curtis O'Neil
Dawn Lieblang
Nick Demos

... and countless others!

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