Friday, March 23, 2012

Rewards Post

I am enjoying this great article from Artist Daily titled "If This Sounds Harsh, Forgive Me" relating different approaches to landscape and Plein Air painting.

"So perhaps we can break this bad habit by looking back to landscape master John Constable (1776 - 1837), the creator of some of the most beautiful landscapes in history. In his day, neither paint tubes nor the camera had been invented, so Constable's method was to sketch (drawing and painting) on location, and then use that information for composing and creating his paintings back in the studio. He took his time in crafting his designs before he committed to one for a final work."

Constable was a contemporary of Turner's, and I can well see how this excellent technique described here would have served both Turner & Costable. I also take some of the advise myself.

Aside from that, I have come to talk about the rewards process, part of which is explained in the following video.

I have already sent out a rewards survey for one set of folks, and am soon to send out another. Thanks to all who have already responded! If others still have yet to do so, I am encouraging you to do so still.

What I have opted to do (and what the video relates) is a Giant Drawing, or Forever Drawing, the sort of which I have enjoyed doing before. I have sent questionnaires asking sundry questions to inform said Forever Drawing, so as to hopefully build a theme. At the conclusion of finishing this drawing, I will cut it up into postcard sized pieces, and mail one off to each person fitting in that category. First, I will take a photo of said drawing and make digital prints available in my Etsy store.

The second group of rewards receivers get professionally mounted photos of my output, in some range or other of size & specifications. A soon-upcoming post will present these noble rewards receivers the basis for responding to a survey so as to finally make this a reality.

thanks all, stay tuned and, as usual, I welcome all feedback.

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