Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Greetings from Long Ago & Far Away

Hi All!

Wanted to write a quick update as to what I have been up to, artistically and whatnot. I feel funny being so brief and perfunctory after such a long absence, but in the end, this attitude is what keeps us from communicating to begin with. So... a brief post and an invitation for anyone out there to say 'hi' back!

  1. Giant Drawing - my first and foremost update - the Giant Drawing which was promised such a long time ago.
    Epic Drawing, now
    I am pretty ashamed that I STILL, after 2 years, failed to get that out to people. The problem stems from the fact I never felt the drawing was perfectly finished - that it looked undeveloped still. The other problem, and I would love anybody's feedback, if anyone is still interested in receiving this, is whether it would be OK to send a postcard of the entire drawing, or whether it was still preferable to receive cut up pieces of it.
    I like the theory of cutting up a giant drawing and mailing each individual piece as a postcard, but clearly it is a hard thing to fathom doing - cutting up a piece of art that one has spent time on, and trying to guarantee that each individual piece is a worthwhile piece of art in its own right. Clearly I should have just done SOMETHING to fulfill this reward months ago, even if it were just any old thing - but somehow I wanted to do something nice and meaningful. And it;s taking a while.
    Epic Drawing, as of Feb this year
    I have kept adding to it anyhow, since last time I wrote about this issue, as can be seen from the image here and in old post. I will keep adding to it. 
  2. Ocean Painting Commission - I am happy to announce that a wonderful and exciting painting commission came out of my time working on the Epic Painting Project!
    It was for a large portrayal of an ocean scene of my native Chile - a 2 x 3 foot painting of ViNa del Mar. This took most of my winter and spring - not just painting it, but sketching and conceiving the idea. I used layering methods (linseed oil) to try to create depth and the proper hues in the ocean
  3. Marshall Arts (wood art and outside sales) - and now, expressing a reason (excuse? haha) for my long absence online - the work I do alongside Jim as Marshall Arts!
    One of the most exciting offshoots of the Epic Painting Project has been that the funding of this project has really allowed us to flower as viable artists, creating work on wood.

    Firstly, the generous funding allowed us to purchase necessary wood processing equipment. Secondly, it allowed me to spend much time and energy learning great ways to work with the medium. Thirdly, it allowed us to develop this new way of interacting with the medium, even in different ways. Jim began adding words, and I images. Fourthly, the funding of the project became a platform for announcing our artistic existence to the world. We had begun this process somewhat tentatively before the Epic Painting Project was even conceived of, but I guarantee that the successful completion and funding of the project is what provided the springboard for its success. We actually are managing to make sales of these wooden pieces, which range from necklaces/earrings to large sculptures! In addition, we sell photography, and some of my oil paintings as well. The effort involves setting up 3 to 4 times a week in venues in Asheville and Hot Springs. The rest of the time goes into actually producing the art!! The above piece took over three days to produce, from start to finish. Multiply that by the approximately 90 pieces that we have on display at all times, and folks can see how much of my time and Jim's is spent in production mode! So... half the week producing wood pieces, half the week setting up to sell --- I hope folks can come to undestand how easy it is to fall off the radar. If anyone were interested in reading/experiencing more about this artistic modality, one can go to our facebook page, or to marshallcommunityarts.com (also not updated in a long time, oh dear!) You can also send me a message and I can add you to our mailing list - once a season I send a communique.
  4. Epic Painting Project - so far, I have any further developments regarding the project itself on hold. Next steps include seeking to photograph the work better, seeking a venue for exhibiting, etc.
    In the end, the reason this effort fell through has been mentioned above - making art through Marshall Arts and selling it has become both a primary breadwinning vector, as well as incredibly time comsuming! It quickly takes precedence, and everything else (including pursuing Phase 2 of Epic Painting Project = the promotion) goes on the back burner.
    But any time anyone comes visit us, we are more than happy to show them the fruits of my labour! After about the 50th one, people begin to cry uncle! There's only so much art one can take all at once, but in the end, even though I have yet to find a proper venue, I am satisfied in viewing the wonderful work and I recall how it was--- one of the most memorable and enjoyable chapters of my life. So... to everyone, thanks so much as always, and I do hope to hear from everybody at some point. 


  1. Great post! Your fans needed to know what's up with you. :-)

  2. I absolutely concur with Monica. And I'd much rather have a postcard of the large image - although a puzzle piece of the image sounds like fun.

    I'm loving the wood art.

    1. thanks Lashae!!!!! When are we gonna talk again sometime>>???

  3. Really amazing art! I hope you keep your giant painting whole.

    1. Hi Heather! So great to hear from you after all these years, and thanks for the kudos! Would love to know/see what you are up to after all these years


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