Wednesday, April 18, 2012

New Painting and Rewards Video

Only a few stragglers yet to respond to the rewards questionnaire I sent out a few ago, but we have begun fulfilling already. Here is a brief video - along with some gratuitous video effects - showing some of this in action & some explanatory notes.

As an aside, I know I need to upload more photos. I've obviously made loads since 2nd time I posted a massive upload, but it can be tricky to take the time. Part of the problem lies in coordinating technology, part of the problem in also working on a website, translation & other inescapable tasks that clash & contribute to the painting process in a way. I will share a recent one though with a question:

lose the words, or not?

I was fairly tired upon finishing this one at c. 7am (hint - I did not rise early) and what kept me going was the great ska/cumbia sounds of Vicentico + Celia Cruz singing Vasos Vacios - to all who are not yet introduced to the spectacular sounds of los Fabulosos Cadillacs, please, wait no more and quickly visit this link.

Then, even after finishing the piece, I realized I still had a chunk to finish to the right of the image seeing as the composition really ended on the right hand edge, 2/3 in or whatnot, and I still had, basically, that much to finish. I had done that intentionally. But I promptly decided "F### it" and quoted bits of the song instead.

I kind of like it - I think it gives the thing sort of a children's storybook feel - esp. since the painting itself (though bad webcam photo leaves much to be desired) has that illustration quality

The subject matter might be appropriate to the song which seems to be talking about parties and love and dissappointments and all that stuff - and the people in this "Visions of Medea", though it should be a ghoulish subject matter, for all who recall the story of Medea, they all look like a little crew of nymphs or ladies or whatnot, cavorting with bubbles and plants and stuff. In any event, it could be a party, it could be all sorts of things.

If enough people write me to say I really should edit the words out and place something more substantive, I'll do it. In general am open to any recommendation regarding this missing 1/3 of the painting.

I will follow up with a more deserving photo, but meanwhile, here's what the Tate has to say about it:

Joseph Mallord William Turner (1775‑1851)
Title Vision of Medea
Date 1828
Medium Oil on canvas
Dimension ssupport: 1737 x 2489 mm
Collection Tate
Acquisition Accepted by the nation as part of the Turner Bequest 1856
Reference N00513

Display caption

The sorceress Medea was jilted by Jason, and slew their children to spite him. Here she performs an incantation. Ingredients for her spell are scattered on the ground to the left. She appears again above, fleeing Corinth in a chariot, and hurling her murdered children behind her.

Turner painted, and first exhibited, this picture in Rome. The coloured rope frame is a replica of the one he originally used.


  1. Good deal on that printer! I need one too! Can you find me one even cheaper than that? You seem to have the "eye." I don't need any bells & whistles, only basic printing, maybe color but not a must; also scanning would be nice.

    Oh, and by the way, great work as always! (Perhaps a stabler hand when filming would be good too.) :) Muac muac.

    1. thanks yee! I'll keep an eye out what capacities do you want it?


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