Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Random Newsworthy Items

Thanks to everyone who has responded to the survey! Still waiting on a few good people - though we probably will begin fulfilling this weekend. Some fun & interesting things related to this project as of now:

1) I have officially completed 39 days of my Epic Campaign - completed 37 paintings - have 5 in process. Were I in perfect order, I would have 39 completed, of course -- time constraints and technical difficulties have kept me where I am.

2) Had a fun, great art critique at Azule, a local arts incubator initiative headed by many charming French people. The architecture is amazing - every detail from the sidewalks to the unusual window panes is entirely intentional. I hope to be able to write about it more later on, especially in regards to future collaborations, etc. In attendance were, besides Jimbo and me, 3 poets, 8 painters, one photographer, and a local arts instructor presenting a lecture on principles of design. Got great feedback and a sense that local artists appreciated both the spirit and production of what I was doing. Also, oil painters tend to take for granted how magical & unwieldy oil seems to artists who don't work with the medium. A non-artist audience member remarked on the incredible texture and I had the pleasure of saying "just think about it this way... oil paints are just like cake icing!!"

Someone commented "I don't know..... it starts to sound like work!" That's the point though, isn't it? To begin to think about calling oneself a 'professional artist', or an 'artist for hire', or any other such iteration which means is able to make a living off one's craft, I imagine that at some point the effort HAS to be like... well... work... doesn't it? Would love other creative people's views on this subject....

By 'work' I mean, of course, something that is not always 'fun' - or something that can be put off till 'the spirit moves you to do it'. This last CAN work for someone like Turner who, as I understand it, felt the desire and need to paint and draw all the time. We're talking about a man who would go off for days in his youth, wandering through the English countryside with little more than sketching supplies and the clothes on his back, sleeping wherever the night caught him. For him, perhaps, it was never 'work' in the traditional sense of the word. But for the rest of us...?

So - at some point, I accept the idea that not only will the need to make art when the 'muse' is absent exist (making it seem like 'work'), but a need to make a defined schedule for making art will exist as well. Especially in the context of (hoped for) future commissions, the discipline of daily intense art-making must exist.

So.. yes. I agree with the fellow - it HAS become work, but I don't necessarily see that as a bad thing. Especially when you have The Jimbo to keep you honest!!!! He is a GREAT manager in this regard, helping with supplies, rewards fulfillment, giving occasional artistic advice due to his experiences with photography/composition (and wood), and in moments serving as Jiminy Cricket, or Mr. Bad Conscience, for those times when "this is too much like WORK!!!" seems to conspire against GETTING work done!

3) A wonderful institution called Arts2People exists in Asheville, NC, our nearest metropolis. This organization is not only responsible for myriad people=centered classes and exhibitions, it also made the incredible murals near Broadway.

Going on a completely separate arts errand, I had occasion to speak with Jennifer Gordon, currently executive director of the effort, and had a chance to mention the project. She loved the idea - stating the availability of gallery space and a potential opening party sometime after June. Arts2People have various gallery space donated to them by the City and the private sector, and daily demonstrate their importance/relevance in the local artistic community. I will be most proud if I end up debuting the Epic Painting Project through them.

4)I am launching a 2 month Spring Cleaning of my Etsy store. I am selling all - I mean, ALL - in my Etsy store for 30% off + free shipping within continental U.S. Amongst some items are Epoxy creations, dreamy nature photography by Jimbo (digital or prints available), & some oil on wood pieces. Hoping to clear out inventory so as to add more. So if you know anybody....

Codes (can be used simultaneously as far as I can tell):
Free ship: SHIPSHAPE1

That's it for now! Hope everybody has a great week. Stay in touch

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