Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Process Coloured Sketch

I have done one coloured  study, and it ended up taking a long while, because I possibly spent an two hours or more per layer.  Halfway through this I was like "is this really necessary?" but by then I was fully committed and couldn't turn back.

So I am sharing all the layers, same pencils, etc. This is a throwback to a printmaking technique that I learned in college called lithography:

under this process, a person can create a complex composition by adding the colours in layers. IE first the yellow, then you ink the stone with that colour and run it through the paper, and wash, rinse, repeat for every colour, manipulating the stone so that the proper things are highlighted. The trick is to match the paper so that it all fits together. I am doing a crappy job of describing it, but what I'm basically doing is doing it a colour at a time, with the watercolour pencils, and having it all add up.


Pink before watercolour

Pink after Watercolour 

Red before Watercolour 

Red after Watercolour 

Blue + touchups (E brown, black, etc)
Overall pretty satisfied with how it came out- some thigs I am unhappy about insofar as tonalities, but these problems would be resolved with oils because this medium of just using like 7 or 8 colours only has its limits

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