Thursday, August 20, 2015

Updates and Process

Well on my way to finishing, I present some images from recent progress:

As can be seen, all the image of the main image has been laid out in white. Now is just a matter of laying out the rest of the groundwork, and finishing the edges.

I also have a few photos and videos of process:

Painting setup. Due to leg injury am forced to paint on couch with leg raised

Swatch studies, so that I can both pick paints I want, and see how new combinations look.

video explaining swatch process
Now that i have begun the painting process in earnest, the fun time has begun! All the preparation has led to this moment. It is a fairly quick process, if I have the chance to just sit down and paint, from here to termination. I have picked the shapes of the holes to inform how the composition will go, using the natural holes in the wood to represent where holes, dark areas, or tunnels were in the composition. Also the lines have been matched up to where horizon lines or the limits on the Bridge. In any event, I am very happy to have gotten this far, in spite of all weird obstacles. Am also adding a few other photos for a blog post I neglected to write a few days ago, re. actual preparation of the wood.

Wood in process of being clear gessoed

Wood in process of being clear gessoed

Wood in process of being clear gessoed

Video of Wood in process of being clear gessoed

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