Sunday, February 26, 2012

Three begun, 2 done, 1 needing layering

first day of First one

second day of first one

I would like to massively apologize for the lack of reasonable images re this process so far - but hoping to resolve the problem quickly. Our CF card is lost in space somewhere and I have to call tomorrow UPS and see why they didn't just deliver it - i didn't sign up for certified shipping, etc etc. Nevertheless, meanwhile people can laugh seeing Epic Painting Day One and Day Two. and now Day Three.

Last video shows us in wood cutting process again with killer tools and at around minute 7 I get around to showing off the work. Am the first to admit this is not particularly compelling cinematography or scriptwriting but it's just sthg 'for the record', as it were.

So - have an underpainting for Fishermen at Sea (see above) and on top of that a layer with Indian Red and various blues. I can't expect to finish this painting, or any of the indirect ones, in a day. Hence, a solution is to work on 3 at once.

I am all but done with Morning Amongst the Coniston Falls - it has taken a while - not just because of tweaking colours, but due to the size. I would in fact say I AM 'done', but I doubt I will resist the temptation to go back in there and rework things if I have a minute..... that's the beauty of oils anyhow! Part of this process for me involves FINISHING. Knowing when good enough is good enough, learning how to work within parametres of time and space and outside limits (including skill level). Part of the draw of a marathon painting process is the way it forces deadlines - efficiency - etc.

Began a third one titled View on Chapham Common (c. 1800 - 05) - this one is FINISHED. Thanks to its smallish size and the way the painting itself allowed for simple choices re. wet on wet techniques, I was able to get it produced quickly. This one has trees and very tiny fishermen - but his composition ran out on me - my canvas was too long - so I filled in the edge with some random gobbledygook. A weird ridge in the wood separated the place where TUrner ended and gobbledygook began, which was nice (unplanned).

So... am starting on a 4th. Doing so since I'm not TECHNICALLY done with 3 paintings in 3 days, but at most 2 and one well on the way. This one is allowing me to explore a new way of interacting with paint! Hope it comes out OK


  1. You keep talking about the card reader not having arrived. Could you not use the one I sent you? I'm confused! Great work, BTW.

    1. got it!!!! all resolved. all should be seeing images tomorrow

  2. "Irritating interfaces should die! This is the second time that my incompetence and awfully poor program design on the part of the blog interface have disappeared my lovely words of support and appreciation for Alicia's brilliance.

    In any event, the camera is now up to speed again, and the second set of weekly wood-panels is in process. What fun; and the results reach out so sweetly from the panels, as if the images belonged their prior to Alicia's artistry.

    Craft, art, production, meaning, and joyful noises: what could be better?"

    1. pauvre Jimbo-- don't you love the interfaces??? they love you!!!!


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